You are going to hit a GRAM SLAM!

I am so excited for you to get started with us! By the end of this course you will have the tools and skills you need to take your Instagram stories to the next level! And lessons begin on the 6th and the live classes start on the 9th!

 I am Alana Kayfetz, founder of momsToronto and master of IG stories. I am your educator and I could not be more excited to show you the way to success with IG stories! 

Over the course of 5 lessons, you will gain the core skills and confidence to turn your Instagram stories into your most effective customer relations tool! 

Turn your raving fans into raving customers.



Who is right for the course:  

This content is suitable for anyone who wants to take their IG story-telling skills to the next level. Ideal students are:
  • If you are in the first few years of business or just getting you business off the ground 
  • If you are an IG beginner and want to put your face to the storytelling 
  • If you are a current or aspiring personal brand and want to learn how to use the tools to tell stories better

"I was part of the first GramSlam course and it was amazing. Of all the courses I took (and money I spent) that year, Alana’s course was by far the best. I knew absolutely nothing about IG Stories and Alana walked us through everything step by step. She was invested in our success and was incredibly supportive as we learned. Having weekly live calls so we could ask questions in real time, and learn from everyone else taking the class, was my favourite part (after learning from Alana herself of course!). This course is an absolute must for any small business owner looking to up their IG game."

Meaghan Grant
Owner, Family Doulas, Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton

What You'll Get

  • A hand delivery of basic skills and knowledge to hone the IG story game 
  • A 5 lesson plan that is easy to follow with step-by-step ( phone in hand) tips and tricks that will allow you to naturally use IG stories
  • Boost your confidence to be on camera, and to create organic content
  • Turn your IG handling into a daily routine   
  • Learning the basic terms to talk to your audience
  • How to read basic metrics on IG for your shareholders 
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Weekly live with Alana



  1. THE GRAM PLAN: How, why and when
  2. The GRAM FAM: Knowing your audience and what they crave
  3. The GRAM SLAM: Selling to your audience
  4. THE GRAM JAM: Using IG, PHONE in your hand
  5. THE GRAM CAM: Angles, lightings & hacks


"As a relatively new user on Instagram, I was nervous joining the Gram Slam program. I’d been following Alana on MomsTO and knew she was a leader in the Instagram Stories space. If you are going to learn, learn from the best! This program was jam-packed with much more content than I expected. The learning videos and supporting materials provoked a deeper understanding not only of the tools, but of my business. I especially loved Alana’s live group chats where we could share our wins and our challenges. I was amazed at her skill to trouble shoot on the spot during these calls. Alana is engaging, knowledgeable, and also a ton of fun! This program built my confidence to use IG Stories and challenged me to start right away. I’m glad I did! I’m an avid learner taking multiple courses a year, and a longtime workshop facilitator myself, the Gram Slam program was one of my favourites. I highly recommend it"

Heather Mann Haigh
Business + Leadership Coach

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