5 BIG moves for Business Beginners

May 27, 2021

Hi Mama, 


It's me Lianne Kim, Alana's Business Coach and proud Halo Resident & Scholar. 


Over the years, I have coached literally thousands of mamas through the beginner phase of their businesses. I've helped women go from just the "idea phase" to a successful, profitable venture. Some do this in a matter of months, for others it takes a little longer. 


The beginning stages of running your business can be exhilarating, fulfilling a super FUN! But it was also confusing, overwhelming and downright frustrating! In fact, here are some of the questions I get from mamas in their first year of business. Tell me if you have felt any of these...


  • "Lianne, how do I know if my idea is a good one?
  • "Where do I find customers?"
  • "Should I have a website, a blog, a podcast?"
  • "There's so much to learn, where do I even start!?"


Are you wondering any of these things too? If not, you are not alone. I have coached women through these challenges, and I have also been through these myself! So just know you are in good company.


But if you want to start or grow your business from beyond the "baby biz" phase, here are 5 big, bold moves that will help take you there.


Move #1: Talk to your People

One of the fastest ways to start and grow a successful business is to communicate with your potential customers on social media. Alana is a great example of someone who didn't over complicate this. She jumped on IG stories a few years back, and just started sharing her motherhood journey, her thoughts and ideas and of course shouting out some of her fav' products and services. 


Alana has turned this into a highly successful influencer brand, but remember, she didn't start out here. She just started showing up for her people and kept doing it. Post on social. Share your life. Ask your people about themselves. Learn what they may want or need help with so you can start serving them. 



Move #2: Consistent Content

If you want to be taken seriously in your field, one of the best things you can do is share weekly consistent content on one dedicated platform. For some people, starting a blog is the perfect step. For others, they're better on video, so perhaps starting a YoutTube channel is in your future. For me it was most definitely my podcast -The Business of Thinking Big!


When I started podcasting over 130 episodes ago, I had no clue what I was doing. But I knew my people needed help growing their business, so I committed to doing a weekly podcast, 52 weeks of the year, and I've never looked back. It's now one of the fastest ways people get to know me, and generates tons of leads and sales for my coaching biz. 



Move #3: Start Selling

If you want to get real "proof of concept" then you need to create an offer and sell it. I know that this might feel uncomfortable, especially if you don't have any sales experience, but the only way you'll know if your idea is actually something people want is to package it, put a price tag on it and get some people buying it. 


Don't worry if you're not sure if it is the "right" offer, you'll learn as you go. Just make a start. Bring people into conversations, ask them about their problems and share your potential solution. After all, if you want to be an entrepreneur, you must also be a salesperson. There is really no way around it. Put on your big girl pants and give it a shot. What have you got to lose?



Move #4: Make it official

Once you feel ready, announce your business mission to the world on social media. You will further legitimize your empire by taking a few of these steps: 

  • Register for your Master Business License
  • Register for HST (you must charge HST in Ontario if you're earning more than 30K)
  • Buy your Domain Name
  • Build your Website
  • Trademark your Business Name

You don't have to take all these steps all at once, or even right away. But by taking any of these actions, you are most definitely solidifying your business plans and you will feel amazing!


Move #5: Surround yourself with Doers!

The best (and I mean BEST) thing you can do for yourself at this stage is to surround yourself with likeminded women at the same stage, working on the same things. This will not only give you examples of what is possible, it will give you someone to share your wins with, someone to lift you up when things don't go as planned. These people will also be there to help you through any challenges and answer your questions. 


Don't have your squad yet? Why not come check out mine! 


I'm hosting a 5-day event called "Mamapreneur Week" from June 7-11, and I'd love for you to be a part of the fun. We'll have daily business and mindset coaching, networking events, prizes... it's going to be so much FUN! 


If you're looking to find your community of mom bosses, sign up for Mamapreneur Week:


And if you decide you want to join my community officially, Alana will have a special link for you to join when the time comes. 


I hope to connect soon,


p.s. Got a question for me? Hit up up with a DM @liannekimcoach 


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