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The Resident and Scholar program brings the most knowledgable and thoughtful women together to give support and advice to the moms of the world.

Check out our amazing team of Mom Resident and Scholars below!

Robin Baweja, Cassy Carpino, Roxanne Francis, Brittnei Gaudio, Wendy Gordon, Anna Halfpenny, Rebecca Lane, Farah Mohammed, Nicole Simons, and Alexa Torontow

Robin Baweja

Mental Health Toys with Books
Dear Mommy

As a pediatrician with a deep commitment to children’s mental health, Dr. Robin Baweja, the founder of Dear Mommy Brand, offers a range of services designed to empower, educate, and support both parents and children. Leveraging her medical expertise, she provides services such as book signings, speaking engagements, and book readings to engage with audiences of all backgrounds. Dr. Baweja’s unique perspective as a pediatrician enriches her offerings, allowing her to address crucial aspects of child development, mental health, and well-being. 

Dr. Robin Baweja is a distinguished pediatrician with over a decade of experience specializing in Children’s Mental Health. Her medical training in the United States and dedication to her field have provided her with a profound understanding of the physical, cognitive, and emotional needs of children. She has worked tirelessly to help children from diverse backgrounds reach their full potential, offering diagnosis, treatment, and guidance to families facing challenges related to ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, autism, and developmental disabilities. Dr. Baweja’s unique blend of medical expertise and advocacy for children’s mental health positions her as a trusted resource for parents and caregivers.



Cassy Carpino

Tutoring, education consultation, academic support
TutorMe Toronto


Cassy is an OCT-certified Toronto District School Board teacher with a Bachelor of Chemistry (Honours) and a Bachelor of Education from Brock University. Cassy has been tutoring students for seven years, helping over 50 families. In 2022, she opened her own tutoring company, TutorMe Toronto, while on maternity leave to help support more students virtually. Her primary focus is academic support - helping her students with cognitive abilities and improving their work habits, ensuring they build the skills needed to thrive long after schooling. Cassy is a mother to a full-of-energy one-year-old son, Silas, and a 14-year-old Shit-zu, Spenza.



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Roxanne Francis

Mental Wellness, Parenting, Diversity
Francis Psychotherapy & Consulting Services


Roxanne Francis is an award-winning psychotherapist, registered social worker, consultant, leadership coach and international speaker, who has been helping people access tools to change their lives for over 15 years.


She is the Founder and CEO of Francis Psychotherapy & Consulting Services, where she is the Principal Therapist in her group practice, coaches and supervises other social workers, and provides consultation to various organizations addressing topics such as mental health in the workplace, diversity equity & inclusion, racial trauma at work, burnout, and women’s issues.

She is also the founder of The Therapist’s Lounge™ - a Canadian conference which helps private practice social workers and psychotherapists meet their need for community, wellness and business support so they can better meet the needs of their clients and have thriving practices.

Roxanne is an adjunct professor at the School of Social Work at the University of Toronto, and in 2020 she was recognized as one of Canada’s 100 Black Women to Watch. She is a sought-after podcast guest who shares her mental health expertise in print/online publications like Essence Magazine and Today’s Parent Magazine, as well as multiple local and national media outlets including CTV CBC News and Breakfast Television.



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Brittnei Gaudio

Organization and Design, specializing in busy family homes
wellnested Living Co.


Brittnei is a corporate escapee on a mission to simplify her own life, and do the same for her client community. As a professional organizer and designer, she turns chaos into order, helping busy families optimize their homes so they can focus less on the “stuff” and more on what matters.

She is a vibe creator, potential-spotter, space finder and order seeker. A detail obsessed priority juggler, experienced diy-er, skilled flipper, deal coveter, and the manifestor of that indescribable, but totally palpable feeling of home.


Wendy Gordon

Paediatric Speech-Language Pathology
Wendy Gordon/Words With Wendy


Wendy Gordon is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist with 25 years of experience working with the paediatric population. Wendy works privately with children aged 18 months and up in the GTA with a primary focus on early language development/late talkers, articulation/speech production concerns, preschool fluency and oromyofunctional disorders. Services are provided both in-person or via teletherapy. Her focus in therapy is both FUN and FUNCTIONAL! The goal is to have families participate in meaningful, individualized and engaging sessions to improve their child's communication skills. Wendy is showcasing her passion for helping others and expanding her creativity to produce speech production videos to help those who may not have access to speech therapy.




Anna Halfpenny

Marketing, Brand and Business Strategy
Ruby & Foster Inc.

Anna is a brand builder by profession with 20 years of marketing and brand building experience helping global and national brands achieve their business goals. Some high-profile businesses she has worked with include BMW, Canadian Tire, Molson Coors, Boston Pizza, Roar Organic, Orchestra Toronto, Havergal College.

Over the past 9 years she’s built two successful small businesses from the ground up. This gave her incredible insight into what business owners really need and where to invest their hard-earned dollars to help drive business forward.

In 2018, She launched Ruby + Foster a marketing firm working directly with founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs to help expand their business to where they need to be.

In 2022 she launch a small business arm to support the new and small business community through services that are scaled to their unique needs.


Rebecca Lane

Music lessons for kids
The Lane School of Music
Rebecca Lane is the founder and Director of The Lane School of Music, a multi-location music school based in Toronto. Originally a violinist with over 25 years experience teaching children, she built her music school on the philosophy that learning music should be fun. With a strong focus on musical games, practice incentives, and engaging children, Rebecca has become the leading expert in making music a part of every child's development.
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Farah Mohammed

Car-buying expert
Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council


Farah is an car-buying expert. She has been educating the public for more than a decade on how to buy cars in Ontario and how to protect yourself from car-buying scams. From the education and research stage to signing the deal, Farah will walk you through the process to ensure your next car purchase is made with confidence.



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Nicole Simons

Financial Services
CPN Financial Services Ltd.


Nicole is a Wealth Management Advisor at CPN Financial Services Ltd, a family-owned business.  Armed with professional expertise and a passion for financial independence, Nicole has forged a reputation as a knowledgeable and empowering financial educator. For the last 11 years, she has equipped clients with the tools they need to protect, diversify, and grow their financial assets. From life insurance and investments to retirement planning and educational savings plans, Nicole helps individuals and families navigate integrated wealth management solutions to achieve their goals.

Nicole educates her clients with patience and expertise. She has received numerous referrals because of her unique ability to simplify financial concepts in a way that is reassuring and empowering. Her mission is to show hardworking people that a debt-free lifestyle, excellent credit score, and financial security are all within their reach.



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Alexa Torontow

Naturopathic Medicine from preconception to postpartum.
Dr. Alexa Torontow, ND


I help women have healthy and empowered pregnancies and thrive postpartum.

I’m a Toronto-based Naturopathic Doctor and mom to two daughters with a passion for delivering modern and comprehensive maternal healthcare, education, and support to moms and moms-to-be. My virtual practice offers evidence-informed 1:1 care and online programs designed to help you gently and effectively optimize your health during this transformative chapter of your life and beyond.

Whether you are at the start of your fertility journey, moving through the often overwhelming transition into motherhood, or dealing with the terrible twos, I can help you shift from overwhelmed and exhausted to energized and empowered!

As a mother myself, I GET IT. When it comes to maternal healthcare, the medical system leaves a lot to be desired — in fact, it can be wildly disappointing and disempowering. You deserve compassionate and responsive care that respects and addresses your unique needs, helps you make sense of the confusing, unpredictable, and often absurd quirks of pregnancy, and best of all keeps you feeling like yourself, from your first dose of folic acid to your first preschool application.

Imagine not having to shuffle between 2-3 different practitioners throughout your pregnancy and postpartum, but instead working with one doctor who will listen to your story, understand your needs, and offer you the support that you deserve. I offer a consistent touchpoint from preconception to postpartum, with evidence-based naturopathic care that you can access from the comfort of your own home.



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