Resident & Scholar

The Resident and Scholar program brings the most knowledgable and thoughtful women together to give support and advice to the moms of the world.

Check out our amazing team of Mom Resident and Scholars below!

Allana Robinson

Parenting Coach

Allana Robinson is the founder of Uncommon Sense Parenting. As a Parenting Coach for parents of children 2-6 years old, she teaches parents to understand why their children are misbehaving and how to fix it without yelling, shaming, or time-outs. She's a Registered Early Childhood Educator, military wife of 11 years, and Mom to two rambunctious boys. Prior to starting Uncommon Sense Parenting, Allana had a decade-long career as an early interventionist and Developmental Specialist. After a successful career supporting children with special needs and their parents, Allana now coaches parents of young children on how to enjoy parenting and raise calm, confident, competent, children through her ParentAbility program. Allana's mission with Uncommon Sense parenting is to make the mysterious inner workings of your child’s brain not such a mystery anymore. She wants you to feel like the expert on your own child, ready to take on the world and build inclusive futures. Her goal is to empower every parent with the skills, knowledge, and strategies needed to support your child to be the very best version of themselves- whatever that might look like. She strives to meet every family where they're at and create a tailored plan for each and every family.

Amanda Michaelson

Holistic Nutritionist

Amanda Michaelson is a West Coast girl at heart, living out her dreams on the East Coast. She is passionate about guiding individuals to become their best, happiest and healthiest selves. Amanda absolutely loves to cook and believes in real food and real ingredients. Her favorite place to be is in the kitchen experimenting and creating recipes so that she can inspire and nourish people, like you! Amanda’s calling to support and connect with individuals has always been strong. Becoming a Holistic Nutritionist has changed Amanda’s life and allowed her to connect to her soul purpose. Today, she works with a variety of individuals, groups, and families. They deep dive together to identify symptoms, concerns, and goals through a holistic lens. A plan is then hatched to help you reach your health and wellness goals. Amanda is here to help you be your own change and make healthy changes, for life!

mama reset

Chernell Bartholomew

Certified Health Coach


Chernell is a mom to 3 beautiful girls, a Certified Health Coach, A Ritz-Carlton Award winning Registered Massage Therapist & a Personal Trainer. She is passionate about helping moms make themselves a priority so they can harness their energy & health to build the life they dream. Without deprivation or extremes in her signature program she helps her clients reconnect to their body, make new habits stick & ignite vibrant energy. She is your Energy Coach.

Connie Huson

Playroom Consultant

Connie Huson is a Playroom Consultant who works with parents to create organized, uncluttered play spaces that encourage children's learning and creativity. She taught with the Toronto School Board for 14 years, including 7 years in Kindergarten. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two daughters. Connie educates parents on how to provide intentional time, space, and materials for independent play to create a calmer home, reduce screen time, and benefit their child's development, well-being, and future success. Playroom consultations are available virtually and in person in the Toronto area.

Delphine Rule

Education/Special Education


Hi, I’m Delphine, a mother, wife, teacher and strong believer that all children have the potential to make a difference no matter how difficult their learning struggle might be. As both a parent and a teacher I've realized how important giving back to my community is. I’ve made it part of my life’s work to navigate uncharted territory and learn what I can for the betterment of my life and others. Instead of letting worry and fear drive me, I got informed. I built my research library and community connections and grew stronger and more resilient. I turned hard work and passion into advocacy and fought to open the eyes and ears of stubborn systems. Now I use my knowledge to support families to understand the system.

Farah Mohammed

Car buying

Farah is a mom of three to a 4 year old and 1 year old twins. For the past 12 years, she has been working for the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council to educate consumers on their rights (or lack thereof) when buying a car in Ontario. Currently, Farah is the Manager of Industry and Stakeholder Relations with OMVIC and prior to this was the Manager of Communications, Education and Media Relations. When she's not teaching the public about their car-buying rights, Farah enjoys spending quality time with her family, doing DIY activities and creating memories.

Hillary Abramsky, Jennifer Halfin

Kids Physio

Jenn and Hill are two paediatric physiotherapists who met at summer camp and have been friends ever since. They both saw an opportunity in Toronto for both families and physiotherapists for a specialized clinic just for kids. In the past two years, they have opened two clinic locations and helped over 1,000 kids! Toronto Kids Physio is a place where kids can be kids and reach their physical goals through engaging play. Both Jenn and Hillary are committed to a growth mindset approach to their business, putting a lot of focus on supporting their employees in learning and developing in this niche field of practice. Jenn and Hillary would love to spread their knowledge to a wider community and invite more families in to empower the next generation of parents when it comes to gross motor development and the physical wellbeing of children.

Jenny Hazan

Cam & Leo's Emotion School

Jennifer Hazan is Founder & CEO of Cam & Leo's Emotion School. She is, first and foremost, a mom of 3. An expert communicator with 20+ years of experience, she founded Cam & Leo's as a response to her own family's emotional challenges - tantrums (both adult and child), fighting, tension, poor conflict resolution, etc. - and ended up teaming up with an allstar group of psychologists and educators to create a revolutionary, effective, affordable (and fun!) solution for achieving emotional wellness of the household unit. 


Cam & Leo's Emotion School is a unique experiential educational tool, rooted in the core principles of psychoanalytic therapy, that helps household members gain clarity and control over the murky interior world of their emotions to unlock success, fulfillment, and joy in all areas of life: academic, professional, social, and interpersonal.  


Family members build emotional literacy, self-awareness, social awareness, self-regulation, and emotional agility; transform the way they interact with each other; and ultimately achieve deep, intergenerational emotional proficiency. Best of all... they have fun doing it!


Jessica Sennet

Prenatal and Postpartum fitness


Jessica Sennet is a Prenatal and Postpartum fitness expert with several high level certifications including FIT FOR BIRTH Corrective Exercise Specialist, Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism, INCORE Diastasis Recti Expert and has trained 100s of women over the last 9 years in the fitness industry . She is the founder and CEO of MIGHTY MOM in Toronto offering private sessions, classes and online training programs for both pregnancy and postpartum women. She is passionate about helping women feel strong and confident no matter where they are in their motherhood journey.

Leah Davidson

Certified Life Coach


Leah Davidson is a Certified Life Coach and founder of Leah Davidson Life Coaching. She is also a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and host of the Building Resilience Podcast. After spending over two decades working in the area of traumatic brain injury as an SLP (including a deep dive into neuroplasticity and mindset), she has committed to helping women improve their emotional and mental health by building resilience and focusing on the connection between the body, mind, heart & soul. She specializes in working with women who are stressed and overwhelmed by their everyday lives, or have specific challenges or adversities they are facing and want to come out stronger. She helps women get to the root of why they are feeling what they are feeling, how to feel better, how to reach the goals that they say they want to reach (but never get around to), and help them improve their confidence and their relationships. She helps women manage their stress, build resilience, and create a life that they love. Leah is also a mom and step mom to her blended family of 5 kids. She believes that helping moms thrive is the key to raising resilient children.

Lily Horbatiuk

Pediatric Sleep 0-4 yrs and Potty Training


Lily is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Potty Training Consultant and “Oh Crap” Potty Training Specialist. She is the mama behind Lil Baby Sleep and provides customized support to help parents conquer developmental milestones with ease. Lily is the owner of Lil Baby Sleep and founder of the Your Dream Plan ™ and Lil Potty Plan ™ online programs. Where she helps parents achieve great sleep and potty training success, while ensuring parents are equipped with a step-by-step plan and support that is personalized to fit every family and child individually. Lily believes that understanding and offering personalized strategies that you feel comfortable implementing is the key to ensuring your long-term success. Along with this, parents receive the highest level of support, information, and tools via an online platform to help them feel confident and ready to never have to stress about sleep or changing diapers again. It’s possible for everyone!

Marlene Spence

Parent & Child Behavior Coach


Marlene Spence is a wife of 17 years, mother of 2 beautiful kids and has over 22 years of experience supporting children and their families. She has a passion to support families who have experienced challenges related to Autism, ADHD, anxiety, developmental delay, as well as other social-emotional challenges . She is known as a Child Behaviour Specialist, Parent Coach, Founder of Cornerstone Family Services and the Creator of Reward™visual schedules, the first re-stickable routine chart for families featured on CTV, CHCH and Cityline. Marlene has spent over 17 years assisting school-based teams with strategic program development and planning to develop safe and nurturing classrooms. Marlene has a passion to advocate for marginalized and special needs families. She is committed to supporting these families to ensure their voice is heard and they reach their full potential. As the founder of Cornerstone Family Services, her mission is to shift parents from feeling overwhelmed and hopeless about their child’s behaviours to feeling relieved and hopeful. Her behaviour consultations, parent/child workshops, online training sessions and Reward’um™ products empower parents to raise Responsible, Independent, Confident and Happy kids (R.I.C.H. Kids™) despite their challenges, abilities, impairments or diagnosis. She helps parents feel more confident about managing their child’s challenging behaviours by providing positive, practical and proven strategies and resources so that they can start their journey to a happier, peaceful home and many more proud parent moments.

Melissa Cash

Play Pok Pok


Melissa is the Co-Founder and CEO at Pok Pok, a Toronto-based company dedicated to helping raise the next generation of creative thinkers through digital play. Melissa’s mission is to help every child grow up with a creative education and feel empowered to dream big, think outside the box and challenge the status quo—all using their own imaginations. In her over 10 years of working in the children’s product industry at the likes of The Walt Disney Company and Mastermind Toys, Melissa understands what makes experiences truly inspiring for kids, especially toddlers! At Pok Pok, she and her team created Pok Pok Playroom, a multi award-winning preschool app that sparks imagination, creativity and learning through open-ended play. Melissa is passionate about connecting with parents to help support them in raising creative kids, and loves finding new ways to use technology to spark imagination and invent new digital toys. When she’s not working you’ll often find her exploring nature, working on a creative project in her house or volunteering with animal rescues.

Michelle Baron

Family and Aesthetic Eye Care

Optometrist Dr. Michelle Baron has spent her career primarily focused on paediatric and family eye care, serving Toronto and the GTA. As a millennial mom of two herself, she recognizes the importance of vision on learning and development and pursued specialty training in developmental optometry. Dr. Michelle focuses on not only the eyesight and eye health of her patients, but also assesses visual developmental skills that are essential for children to excel in academics, athletics, and social wellbeing.  She is constantly promoting a healthy 'eye' lifestyle for children and more recently has been focusing on safe and effective eye and beauty products for her moms as well. With eye health and prevention at the forefront of her practice, she is becoming an industry leader in the world of cosmetic optometry and eye aesthetics. As she helps to launch one of the first ocular aesthetic clinics in Canada, she is committed to ensuring that her adult patients enhance their eyes' appearance and have confidence that it has been done with their eye health in mind. Dr. Michelle's reputation of being a fun family focused optometrist has followed her through her practices in the GTA and you can find her at Eyes on Sheppard. 

Natacha Pennycooke



Natacha Pennycooke is an award winning psychotherapist, international speaker, workshop facilitator and corporate consultant. She is the clinical director of Natacha Pennycooke Psychotherapy, where her team of therapists are changing the face of therapy and mental health on a global scale. In her over 12 years of practice, Natacha's work is guided from an anti-oppressive, healing focused, trauma informed, anti-Black racism lens and racial justice framework. Her areas of therapeutic focus include emotional trauma, fear, anxiety, depression and emotional regulation. Each therapy session is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual client, while working towards the achievement of your treatment and healing goals. Natacha is currently offering corporate, leadership and organizational workshops on workplace mental wellness, inclusion and belongingness, creating an anti-racist environment, and supporting leadership equity. Natacha has presented at a number of international and national psychological conferences, and is sought after for her passionate speaking style and expertise on mental health, racial trauma and healing to speak at various corporate and community events worldwide. Natacha has volunteered with a number of community organizations, is the current recipient of the ByBlacks People’s Choice Award for Best Canadian Counsellor of 2020, and has been nominated again for the 2021 Award.

Paige Walker

Educational Consulting


Paige is an experienced educator and enjoys working with families to help their child reach their full potential. She is the founder of Renew Education and became an educational consultant to work with families who need support, advocacy, and guidance. Paige’s approach is focused on the whole child, and understanding how their previous experiences and abilities affect their interaction within the educational system.

Robyn Ewert Vanpee

Social Media Strategist

Bywood Media is a passion project that started as an inspiration board of magazine cutouts and editorial mock-ups in the late 1980s. That seed of an idea and a dream never went away and when burnout hit an all time high teaching in the public school board, Bywood Media was born. 

Robyn Ewert Vanpee helps businesses and individuals to grow their digital media presence across multiple platforms with content customized to your business or project. 

Specializing in organic growth and engagement strategies as well as community management best practices, this little boutique agency really got off the ground when Robyn went on Maternity leave after giving birth to her daughter Poppy in 2019. 

One of Robyn’s most sought after skills is her ability to bring a wide range of people together from within her large personal and professional  network for mutually beneficial collaborations that tell interesting stories and convert into sales that benefit all parties. 

 Bywood Media is proud to be able to distinguish your client's story, craft it beautifully across multiple social platforms and create a strategic plan that, most importantly, converts. We do not “do vanity metrics”. 

 As a former educator and customer service expert with over 2 decades of experience Robyn is able to teach and train you to understand the strategies she implements on your accounts. 


We look forward to discussing your content strategy needs today. For a free discovery call, go to and pick a time to chat now

Sabrina Greer

“The Book Doula”


Sabrina Greer is known lovingly as “The Book Doula”. She is an 8x bestselling author, international publisher, mentor to authors and the founder of YGTMedia Company, a boutique blended publishing house supporting purpose driven humans. She has turned hundreds of aspiring writers into bestselling authors, through a collaborative and educational approach. When she’s not in “the books” you will likely find her off exploring in nature, tending to her farmstead or being mom to her three sons and four fur-babies!

Sacha Welsh

Fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health


Sacha Welsh is a Certified Health Coach, Founder of Welsh Wellness and mom of three girls. After experiencing a recovery scare following the delivery of her second child, Sacha became passionate about helping new and expecting moms create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, so they can feel their best while accomplishing one of life's greatest challenges: motherhood. Welsh Wellness focuses on fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health. Its mission is to help women become moms, love motherhood and love themselves.