5 tricks for changing a diaper (that will make life easier!)

diapers mom hacks mom tips newborn May 11, 2022

Changing a diaper doesn’t seem like a big deal… until you’re elbow-deep in baby poop, your little one won’t stop crying and you forgot the wipes on the kitchen counter. If you’re ready to make changing a diaper a smoother process, consider these tips that might just make the job a little easier.

Opt for diapers with mess-detection strips

If you’ve ever seen packaging for diapers with urine-detection strips, now is the time to snap up a pack and give them a try. These diapers take the guess-work out of wet diapers, meaning you can change your baby right on time. No more unwrapping and rewrapping a diaper—just check the strip and you’re good to go.

Make up a change routine
Babies love routines. They really, really do. That's why you need to create a changing routine if you want to help your little one get used to diaper changes. The routine can be as simple as singing a little song while you do it or making up a catchphrase to let your baby know it’s time to get changed; anything that can be done time and time again creates a routine. That also means that you've got to do it each and every time—no exceptions.

Hang a mirror up by the changing station
If your baby is ultra-fussy during changes try out this hack: hang a (baby safe!) mirror up near the changing station so that your little one can look at themselves while you do your thing. Babies love to look at their reflections, and this will help calm the more difficult ones down. (We can call it self-introspection.) 

Pull out the leg ruffles
If you've ever dealt with a leaky diaper, you know that it’s something you don't want to deal with twice. You can greatly reduce your changes of leaks by pulling out those little leg ruffles on the diaper. They aren't just for decoration, they're designed to help keep the mess inside!

Always overstock the changing station
Using a changing station is great… until you realize you forgot to bring in more wipes from the closet or that the diapers are sitting on top of the crib. To avoid these issues, always stock extras at the changing station—an extra handful of diapers, an extra box of wipes, literally everything. And if you make a habit of replenishing every day or two at the same time, you’ll thank yourself later.

(Photo by Laura Ohlman)

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