Back To School: Lunch Edition

Aug 27, 2021

If you have been hanging with MomHalo since we started in 2017 then chances are you have a preschooler starting (sob) Junior or Senior Kindergarten in a few weeks. Or maybe you have a school-aged kiddo and you’re sending them for in-person learning and need some new gear. 

We’re rounding up our top picks for back-to-school lunch gear - we’ve even been testing them for a few weeks! Read on to find out containers receive an A+ in our books!


I first came across the Omiebox on Pinterest as I searched ‘Preschool Lunch Ideas’ (more on that later). I was obsessed and immediately searched where to buy it in Canada. Why the love affair? It allows you to pack both hot and cold options with a removable thermos! It’s easy for little hands to open and the thermos has a wide opening to allow for little kids to dig in easily. My daughter has been eating dinner from it every night for the last week in anticipation of school lunch.

Shop The Omiebox Here!





The YumBox is thin and fits easily into a lunch bag, With designated sections for things like “protein”, “fruit”, “grains” it helps picky eaters keep their food separate. Better yet, it comes in several different sizes perfect for snacks or meals! Each box is themed - from ‘Space’ to ‘Paris’ there is a design for everyone! 

Shop The Yumbox here!





If plastic isn’t your thing then opt for the Bentgo Stainless Steel Bento Box! It’s sleek and has 3 perfectly portioned sections for packing all your kiddo’s favorite things. The compartments are leak-proof and it has a 5-year warranty!  

Shop the Bentgo Stainless Steel Bento Here! 




The WonderCo is a sweet line from Indigo and these little stainless steel water bottles are a  great addition to your little one’s lunch lineup. They’re easy to clean and holds just over 12oz of liquid. It also keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 8 hours - we brought this to Toronto Island this last weekend and it stayed cold throughout the 37C weather!

Shop the WonderCo Waterbottle Here





This lunch box (or matching backpack) by local Canadian brand SoYoung is both practical and beautiful! The insulated interior is easily wipeable and the exterior is made from durable cotton/linen. It’s machine washable and their prints are adorable! 

Shop the SoYoung lunch bag here!




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