Car Grab Bag Essentials Packing List

covid covidparenting gifting parenthood Jan 22, 2022

According to @archdigest article entitled “Time to Retire the Word ‘Homeless’ and Opt for ‘Houseless’ or ‘Unhoused’ Instead?”

“The word homeless has become inseparable from a “toxic narrative” that blames and demonizes people who are unhoused, according to Eve Garrow, homelessness policy analyst and advocate for the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California. The term is increasingly used in a way where it implies someone is dangerous or devious, she said. As a result, a less charged term is more apt.”

Its our turn to help change the conversation.

Cov!d has resulted in more unhoused peoples than almost any other time in modern history.

Let’s approach this with love, kindness, and generosity.

Here is a suggested list of what to pack in a car grab bag.

#actsofkindness #momhalo #unhoused

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