From the expert: 3 tips for having the best summer yet

experts routine summer summer break summer routine Jun 29, 2022

From our 2022 resident scholar and education consultant Paige Walker of Renew Education

The official start to summer break for public school students in Ontario is almost here! For many families, this time can come with mixed feelings. There is excitement for warmer weather and trips to see family and friends. For some families, summer break can bring uncertainty and a loss of daily structure. If your child is neurodiverse, the abrupt stop to their routine may throw a curveball in your house. Regardless of how everyone feels about the start of summer, there is no better way to prepare than to think and plan ahead. Children love routine, and creating that throughout the summer is possible with a few simple steps.

Don’t throw out the calendar!

Stick to a routine that provides flexibility but predictability. School-aged children are used to daily schedules that show them what to expect each day. This is a great system to use at home—and make sure to include your child in the process of creating the daily or weekly schedules. Children love to have ownership over their learning in school, and the same goes for their summer schedule.

Try not to overcommit

As incredible as it would be to visit the zoo, go to Ripley’s Aquarium, the ROM and the waterpark in one week… it’s too much to pack in! Aim for one “field trip” a week to a bigger venue, then fill the rest of the week with play dates, park or splash pad visits, and include errands, too. Children love real-world experiences. Of course, including “down time” in your week is encouraged, too!

Keep the momentum going from the school year

You don’t need to have schoolwork sessions every day, but incorporating some “academic” time into your summer plans is never a bad idea. Many children don’t love workbooks or piles of worksheets to complete, and if that’s the case for your child, don’t do them! Talk to them about their interests and what really excites them about learning—taking trips to the library or bookstore to gather books they can read with you or independently is a great way to keep up with their reading development. It is important not to force learning to happen but rather to look for opportunities that your child can learn from. A trip to the grocery store or toy store can help them with solving math problems, for example, while exploring nature can allow them to ask big questions about what they notice. If your child loves learning, think about starting a passion project with them. A quick internet search will tell you all you need to know!

Summer can be a lot of fun! As parents, we always want to do “all the things,” but sometimes less is more. Decide on a list of activities you need and want to do this summer.


If you’re looking for support this summer, don’t hesitate to reach out! I provide complimentary discovery calls to learn more about services and how I can support your family. As an educational consultant, I work with families to help their children in and outside school. Whether you’re looking for resource or activity recommendations, support advocating for your child’s educational needs, or want to know more about private school options, I offer these services to parents and much more! You can follow along at @reneweducation for more information.

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