How Couples Can Get Along While Stuck At Home

Feb 10, 2021


With Allison Villa

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Dina sits down with Relationship Expert Allison Villa to talk about The 4 Relationship Seasons & some tips on how to keep day to day living with your partner running smoothly all year long!


Allison, why did you create The Four Relationship Seasons?

I noticed similar patterns in my own relationship as well as in my work with clients in my private practice. I wanted to find language to normalize the cycles that we all go through. Often we judge ourselves if our relationship has a rough patch. The seasons allow couples to make sense of what they are going through AND to see where they’re going. It's empowering to name your season and then know what actions to take to support your relationship through that season.

What are The Four Relationship Seasons?






How long is each season?

Relationship Seasons - like the weather - take time. Typically, each season is four months or more. You don't jump from winter to summer in a day, the same goes for your Relationship Season!

What are some conversation starters to help couples find more connection & positivity?

1 - What is something I do for you every day that makes you feel loved? 

  1. make me a morning coffee/smoothie, words that show you appreciate me, evening snuggles, genuinely ask about my day, etc.

2 - Where is the most beautiful place you have ever been? 

Remembering stories of travel are always fun & make you stop to reflect on your life experiences.

3 - What is something you loved to do as a kid? How can we re-create that now?

ie. loved cycling/cross country skiing/dancing/art - Build these into your schedule as a couple. Help your partner to make it happen! Not sure what this looks like? Grab the free Self-Care Toolkit designed especially for couples. Helping each other with your self-care makes you both feel seen, heard, understood and loved (and these activities from our childhood remind us of our playful side, too).

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