The Mental Load of Motherhood

health Jul 10, 2019

"The one who plans, who notices, who anticipates, who researches, who worries. This is often referred to as “the mental load.” “The mental load” is not just one job though: it is pervasive. It applies to nearly all aspects of raising kids and managing a household."

It turned up. again.

I can't believe how much of the daily grind falls onto us.

Remembering doctor’s appointments.
Tossing out old toys.
Buying (finds on the side of the street) new toys.
Picking up the next size of clothing.
Preparing kid’s food.
Paying tuition.
Paying taxes.
Organizing date nights.
Folding laundry.
Filling gas.
Brushing their teeth.
Marie Kondo-ing the house.
Buying wipes.
Booking birthday parties.
Registering for aftercare.
Registering for anything!

When was the last time we had sex? “Hey Google, schedule sex!”

Call the babysitter.
Make a reservation.
Put on the "good" bra.

Sweeps the floor for the millionth time today.
Clears the sink... Again.

Wipes snotty noses.
Administers medicine.
Changing the number 2 diapers.
Buys potty training books.
Buys the potty.
Washing their hair
Putting on lotions.
Buying the duplicate lovies.

Will they sleep well tonight?
Did they eat enough dinner?
Did they nap enough today?

Are they kind?
Are they brave?
Are they smart?
Do they know how much they’re loved?

Do they have friends?
Do they watch too much screen time?
Are they having too many "treats"?

Did the car seat expire?

Take a deep breath in.

The TO-DO lists.
The anxiety.
The Stress.

The struggle of motherhood is SO hard and so real.

This is a gentle reminder- whatever shit storm or mac truck that hit you today, we are all in this motha- fucker together.

Do something wonderful for yourself today that isn't on this list!

Promise? Good. Just to make sure, tag us in your instastory and tell us how you take care of yourself! Give other moms some self-care ideas. (ps. @momstoronto)


Alana- MomsTO Founder

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