The MomHalo February Cozy Guide

fashion Feb 09, 2022

We might be having a never-ending winter, but we’re keen that spring is around the corner. 

These are classic cozy and fun outfit pics you can round out from February and rock well into the summer. 

Shop the lnks below: 



High Waisted Elevate Joggers | Cozy Snap-Front Sherpa | Faux Suede Slip-On

Spiral Hair-Ties | Light Support Powersoft Longline Bra


French Terry Joggers | Fluffy Platform Slippers | Seamless Bra | Mock Neck Sweater | Claw Clip

Extra High-Waist Performance Tight | Lightweight French Terry Split-Back | Medium Support PowerSoft Bra | Glitter Moccasins  | Fabric Headband 

Powersoft Performance Bodysuit | Cozy Crew Sweater | Fuzzy Slippers | Patterned Scrunchie


Pullover Tulip-Hem Sweatshirt | Patterned LeggingStrappy Powersoft Top  | Slipper Boot | Performance Headband

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