The Second Go: Preparing to Breast/Bottle feed baby #2 when #1 was hard AF! by Azura Goodman

Sep 22, 2021

Heading into a second breast/chest/bottle feeding journey with a challenging feeding relationship in the rear view can be daunting. You may oscillate from hopeful to fearful depending on the day, bracing yourself for the unknown.

Often when looking back, many parents find that they just weren’t prepared with regards to expectations of infant feeding and the execution of it all. A lot of parents just assumed it would “come naturally.” Education is vital when heading into infant feeding. Knowledge is so empowering as a parent—when you see something you recognize arise you feel confident knowing you have a skill or a strategy to manage it.

When looking back, if feeding your baby was a stressful or even traumatic event, you (beyond) deserve preparation and anticipatory guidance before heading into that territory again. You may even want to fully debrief the experience before heading into the next one to gain validation, confidence, perspective, and knowledge.

Interestingly, you may have some things on your side this time such as experience, more understanding and perhaps the knowledge that education and support are key when navigating these types of challenges. You may have some things on your side physiologically too! Often folks make a bit more milk with each pregnancy.

I love, love, love supporting parents in preparing for the second go. Knowledge is power here folks. 1:1 consultations to debrief what happened last time and prepare for this go can be incredibly empowering and effective catalysts for a new feeding journey, especially when paired with a check-in after baby hits the scene. I would love to support and prepare you to increase the chances of a more positive feeding experience. Find me on Instagram or head to my website to book a virtual visit where we can figure this out together.


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