4 tips for a (mostly) stress-free trip to the playground

parenting playground tips Mar 16, 2022

Whether you’re going on a trip or staying home for March Break, playgrounds are a great place to take your kid for some energy-busting playtime that doubles as socialization. But they can also be stressful, especially if you aren’t sure about playground etiquette or what to expect. Let’s take a closer look at four tips for a—mostly—stress-free playground experience.

Pay attention to your kid

It can be tempting to break out the phone, iPad or even a new book and dive right in while your kid plays, but you should be paying attention to your child on the playground. They might behave inappropriately or they might do something that could endanger themselves; you need to be ready to step in when necessary. It’s fine to bring something to do, but don’t let yourself get sucked in.

Teach your child about age-appropriate behaviour

Before you let your kid head out onto the playground, talk with them about what is—and isn’t—age-appropriate. For instance, your older children need to know that they should stay off equipment meant for toddlers, as this can ruin the experience for younger kids. 

Pack a first-aid kit

Always be prepared! A basic first-aid kit can do wonders if your kid skins their knee or gets a small injury that can be patched up in no time with basic first-aid tools. And you never know, maybe another parent will need to borrow a bandage!

Resist the temptation to hover

There’s a stark difference between paying attention to your child and hovering. Don’t stand on the playground and follow your older kids around; for toddlers, guided play with you around is fine, but older kids can (and should) be allowed to play without you over their shoulder.

Keep these tips in mind and your playground trip will be far less stressful!

(Photo by Stephen Andrews on Unsplash)

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