Top 10 reasons to Join VIP Club Halo

Mar 09, 2022

An elevated Mom Halo experience,  VIP Club Halo, is membership-based with exclusive access to events, experts, and deals. 

We are so excited to be able to open up our exclusive VIP Club Halo community! Here are the top 10 reasons to become a member today: 

  1. Bye-bye loneliness—hello, HALO! Club Halo is about transforming your mom experience. Many women suffer from loneliness, isolation, and depression after having a child. Motherhood doesn't have to be an ailment—VIP CLUB HALO is the cure.

  2. CLUB HALO has your back! We are here for you and you’d better believe at least one of us is up at 3 am feeding our baby, too. We're building a brand new community with access like never before. 
  3. The CLUB HALO is the information you want. You don’t have time to read 12 books and scroll through 17 websites—you are a MOM! As a CLUB HALO member, we’ve got you covered with all the info you need, from the mouths of experts. And you have real access to every one of them. See our resident and scholar directory.
  4. Hello Powerhouse Mom Network! Be part of an amazing community. A diverse group of women who are always looking out for each other. 
  5. The epic welcome gift! VIPs get special gifts from us, but we are famous for our welcome gift. Join us for exclusive gifts you want and will love. 
  6. The CLUB HALO is the fun you crave. Think your party days are in the rearview mirror? Think again, Mama! The CLUB HALO is your all-access pass to the hottest mom events for you and your babe. Need a break? We also have some sweet 19+ events where you can leave the kids at home and rock out with your tribe.
  7.  Your social calendar is about to get very busy. Get ready for a mix of virtual, live, and hybrid experiences. It does not matter where you live, you will find value in our real-life, real-time experiences. 
  8. Join the inner circle of the Mom Halo Team. Get closer to Alana and the crew. By joining the VIP Club Halo, you will have closer access to the ecosystem and we will get to know you, and celebrate you. 
  9. A true VIP with The Front of Line Access: You are behind the velvet rope. Be the first to know, the first to get in, the exclusive discounts and so much more. 
  10. Actual news friendships—this is the most priceless element of the community! For less than the cost of a manicure a month, you will gain real new friendships, and meet others you would otherwise never meet!


    SPRING 2022 Pricing MEMBERSHIP IS OPENING MARCH 9--11 2022!!




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