Ukraine is fighting to survive...

#support #ukraine #ukrainian Mar 02, 2022

As you may well know, the sovereign country of Ukraine, home to over 43 million citizens, is currently under unprovoked and unjust attack from the Russian military. Women, children, elders and infirm are hiding in subway tunnels while major cities are being encircled and bombed. Babies are being born in bomb shelters, and medical teams are doing their best to save the lives of the injured. While thousands have been able to flee westward out of the country, male citizens 18 to 60 have been called to fight in the war. The Ukrainian military is outsized and is only now being offered defensive armament from their European neighbours. The situation is set to deteriorate further and casualties are mounting. But all hope is not lost. 

Ukrainians are a strong and devoted people, and support is beginning to grow. Some of our Ukrainian friends and family in the medical community living in the US, Canada and other parts of Europe have even made their way to Ukraine to help save lives. Additionally, I have been touched by the overwhelming love and support of this community. So many have been sharing and donating to help this cause. 

That said, many of us living comfortably in North America have never experienced a war with this much misinformation widely available online. These attacks were planned ahead of time, as were the social media misinformation campaigns. Many people trying to help have unknowingly shared misinformation online and even donated to and promoted fundraising efforts that have proven to be illegitimate.

For that reason, I wanted to reach out to our community and provide you with some verified resources for information and donations if you are inspired to help the millions of Ukrainian citizens whose sole wish is to live their lives freely and control their country’s fate.  

These resources have been verified by The Ukrainian Canadian Professional & Business Association;  Facebook Page 

You can offer your support by donating to any of these Canadian initiatives:


If you are uncertain of the validity of news sources and requests for donations, please reach out. I am happy to help verify the information for you. 

Thank you for considering ways to support what is already a humanitarian crisis growing worse each day. 

With Gratitude, 

Denise Dusome Chmil (Club Halo VIP Member)

Wife of a Ukrainian husband and mother to a half-Ukrainian son

(Graphic shared with permission by artist Adam Young)

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