Weekend protection

Jul 01, 2019

I love it when my friends come to town for a visit. Our part of the world is so beautiful – the parks, trails, lakes, and cottages make Canada a beautiful destination. Not a weekend goes by in the summer where we don’t take advantage of our natural resources.

As cottage goers and parents, our bags are always packed – we have the essentials with us all of the time. Top of our packing list: Children’s Benadryl®!

This past weekend was no exception. My friends brought their kids to Canada from Los Angeles (LA) for the week and we spent a weekend away at the cottage. If you know anything about LA, it’s like the opposite of cottage country in every way – and in many ways, the opposite of Toronto. So, they were in for a great time and a new experience.

Hanging out at the cottage was the most amazing time. The lake, sun, and BBQ are staples for this time of year. At dinner al fresco, however, our citronella candles just weren’t keeping up – the mosquitos were rampant! Between us all, there must have been hundreds of bites!

Being the smart Canadians that we are and having learned a thing or two about being parents in cottage country, we had an ample supply of Benadryl® Bug Bite Relief sticks on hand. You don’t need much to make your kids feel better.

Our friends were impressed – they used Benadryl® for their own bites too!

If it wasn’t for our secret weapon, Benadryl®, we would have had a gaggle of whiny kids (and maybe whiny parents) scratching themselves silly, all night long!

In the end, a great time was had by all, and we were very happy to have had our secret weapon on hand!

The summer is a time to prepare for the unexpected. We need to let our kids live and grow and learn. Most importantly, we can enjoy peace of mind with the choices we make for our little ones. Being a cool mom also means being a prepared mom!

So, cheers to the summer- let’s all live a little, grow a lot and double down on the momsTO family of friends- we are forging a way forward together to tool up and to change the game for parents everywhere.

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