Code of Conduct

Mom Halo prides itself on being the coolest gang of chicks around in the mommy eco-system. We do not want anything to disrupt that reality. We have created a time and space that is sacred, and relationships for moms that have already flourished into dynamics that are foundations for lifelong friendships. As such, we have created a new code of conduct, to keep the integrity of our community alive and well.  I understand that if I am breach of this code of conduct, Mom HALO admin have the right to remove me temporarily or remove me from this group. 

No Judgement, Shaming, or Bullying Your fellow Mom HALO Members, all must be treated with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness and empathy are required. Judgment, shaming, bullying hate speech and discrimination, is not tolerated in this group.

We ask that people give each other the benefit of the doubt during difficult moments that may arise especially in the area of conflicting styling of parenting. Many of us moms are chronically sleep-deprived and we all have our moments. If somebody rubs you the wrong way, take a step back, take a deep breath, ask for intervention if you like, and if you cannot reply cordially and/or redirect the conversation.

We ask that if people create a spin-off MOM HALO WhatsApp chat group, that a HALO Big Sister is kept one as an admin for the group.

If a conversation or topic that is sensitive or widely known as triggering, please begin topic with a bolded for example - *TRIGGER WARNING: TOPIC, Eating disorder, child loss.

If you know you are a person that tends to dominate conversations or threads, please be aware of the other members that might be a little shyer to step up and chime in. If you are someone that tends to settle into the back row of conversations, we want to hear your voice, so please step up and step into the conversation.

Please commit to being thoughtful on our social channels, and respecting people's time and energy. Before you as a question, please try searching the thread ahead of time to see if the question has already been posted. We want to ensure everyone is being thoughtful when crowdsourcing this VIP mom halo community.

Privacy Policy: All contact information will be kept private among the MOM HALO and MOM Boss Canada Inc. You cannot screenshot any  conversations within official MOM HALO chats and share outside these whatsApp, Facebook or any other social conversational groups, as private sensitive information (phone numbers, etc) are at risk. Please keep our conversations private and respect the privacy of your fellow members. If you are found to have done so, you will be warned once. If repeated, we will have to remove you from the MOM HALO groups.

You will of course be given a warning before being removed from the MOM HALO, and will be given a full refund of my membership dues.