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Oh Mama, first we are so sorry that you are celebrating Mother's Day in yet another lockdown. It sucks and we're feeling it too! A silver lining - no waiting in line for an overly crowded brunch at a restaurant, dealing with screaming children and in-laws!

As a pick-me-up, we've rounded up some of our favourite things so that you can just send this list over to your spouse or add one (or two - judgment-free zone) for yourself! Before we dive right in we also wanted to share some ideas for those who might not be looking for a tangible item! 

First and foremost, a ticket to our crown jewel - Spring Momfest: Body, Mind, and Soul get your tickets here and upgrade to a VIP box here! Or perhaps you're wanting to join us for the year with Club Halo - get on the waitlist here

Second, we are all for a good adventure but since we can't necessarily get outside for a wine tasting or travel we love these alternatives. Wanting to expand your knowledge in the kitchen or explore Italian cuisine then try this Seafood Cooking Class for Two and have all the ingredients delivered right to your door. Or perhaps you want to sit in bed like the queen you are and eat pastries? Then order this Breakfast In Bed For Two including mimosa's, fresh pastries, bagels and lox, and truffled deviled eggs. 

 Read on for more gift ideas!



Deew or weed spelled backward is Canadian and female-founded. They create luxurious face and body creams infused with cannabis that works wonders on the skin! Suitable for sensitive skin The Threesome Set includes Morning Deew, Dream Cream, and Body Buzz. Bundled together you save $25!



 A big change that I made over the last few years is changing not only my skincare products to be clean but also my fragrances. The 7 Virtues create beautiful, lasting perfumes with sustainably sourced fair-trade essential oils that support families rebuilding after war.

Santal Vanille isn't your middle school vanilla perfume - instead, it's light, airy, and balanced by cocoa, myrrh, and sandalwood. Light enough for the day but also perfect for a summer date night. 




Next to brand new underwear and bra set, there are few things that make me as happy as brand new sheets. These Oui Organic Cotton Sheets are extra soft, organic cotton and are good for the environment. They come in 6 shades and have us saying 'oui'




One of the main things I invested in this year was skincare and the PMD Microdermabrasion and the PMD Clean - they have forever changed my skin! Use this tool once a week on your face and body and your skin will not only look brighter and feel smoother but your skincare products will absorb better as well.





A trio of the cult favourite candles Boy Smells, this 'Best Buds' set is made in L.A and each of these candles; Kush, Cowboy Kush, and Cashmere Kush have a familiar musky smell with different undertones. One is woody, one is leathery and one is green. Great for the bedroom



Ready to return to your elementary school roots?

The Tangram Pure Smart Skipping Rope is next level as it tracks jump count, calories burned, and workout times. Progress through interval training and stay motivated by unlocking awards and competing with friends.

It syncs with your Apple Watch, iPhone, or Android to store your workout data!




We're more than a year into a pandemic and sometimes we need to spice it up - the WeVibe Chorus Vibrator is made for two - worn during sex the vibrator hits both the clitoris and the G-Spot so that your hands are free to explore. Looking to mix it up a bit more? Try the WeVibe Nova 2 Vibrator





Several years ago I had this great roommate who at 24 wore silk pajamas to bed every night. Meanwhile, I was 22 and probably wearing my boyfriend's giant t-shirt or Roots sweatpants. I couldn't wrap my head around wearing silk to bed. I've since developed an appreciation for nice pajamas and while this Love&Lore Azalea Set isn't silk, it is lightweight, soft, and is pretty much Zoom Meeting appropriate!



And last but not least, we are loving these beautiful Wolf Circus Kaia pearl hoops. The dainty freshwater pearl earrings are perfect for day or night! Want a little bit bigger? Try the Estelle earringsDesigned and crafted in Vancouver, BC this female-founded jewelry company is all about creating beautiful well-made, and well-priced pieces. 

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