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Club Halo is about transforming your mom experience.   Many women suffer from loneliness, isolation and depression after having a child. Motherhood doesn't have to be an ailment - VIP CLUB HALO is the cure.


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Why Join Club Halo?

Covid has not changed the HALO.  

it's still, at it's core, about elevating and supporting Moms by giving them a great day.

CLUB HALO is THE next level of what The Halo brought to the table. 

Being a mom can be lonely.  Isolating. It can be REALLY F*CKING HARD. And then your well-meaning neighbour tells you all seven of her kids were potty-trained before age 1, and it feels THAT MUCH HARDER.

CLUB HALO has your back! We are here for you and you’d better believe at least one of us is up at 3am feeding our baby, too. We're building a brand new community with access like never before.

The CLUB HALO is the information you want. You don’t have time to read 12 books and scroll through 17 websites—you are a MOM! As a CLUB HALO member, we’ve got you covered with all the info you need, from the mouths of experts.  And you have real access to every one of them. See our resident and scholar directory.

The CLUB HALO is the fun you crave. Think your party days are in the rear-view mirror? Think again, Mama! The CLUB HALO is your all-access pass to the hottest mom events for you and your babe. Need a break? We also have some sweet 19+ events where you can leave the kids at home and rock out with your tribe.


"I want to talk about the Halo Experience why I joined, and what I got out of it so far... we all get together at different events, and its' just making a new way of mothering for a new generation of mothers, and I absolutely just love it....I'm excited to build our experiences together, to see and work with so many amazing people, and to get the amazing content that Alana and the Halo team brings us consistently. The SWAG is insane and the events are super fun, and you don't feel like its a burden by bringing your kids. The whole experience so far has been amazing. If you Are thinking about joining the CLUB HALO but you don't know if it's worth it, it's so worth it and more"

Christella M
Photographer, @oakwoodvillagerphotos

"I have made a ton of new friends and I've made a ton of new connections. I decided this year to leave my jobs jobs job and pursue my passion and start a photography business and being a part of Club Halo has really helped launch my business and get me connected with the people that I need to be connected with to whatever. Sorry I've been going through thousands of pictures. Yeah. Halo is. Such an awesome community. Yes we get a lot of stuff and then the few short months that I've been a part of it. My membership has been paid for but. It's. Really not what it's about. When I get something that's just an added bonus it's the information and the friendship and the connections that I've made through halo that has been such an amazing opportunity for me and I can never think Alina enough for building this community of Halo moms and I encourage anyone who is interested who is on mat leave who is a stay at home mom. I'll work at home mom any kind of mom first time mom. Fourth time Mom. Whatever it may be. Consider joining the halo because it literally is worth the price to pay. "

Marissa R
Photographer, @robicheauphoto

Whether you’re a mom-to-be, a first-time mom, or a veteran mom, this community is FOR YOU! It’s for ALL OF US who have been hit by the mack truck that is parenting and are trying to pick ourselves up off the pavement, get going down that (sometimes bumpy) road, and enjoy the ride!

This is your tribe, mama! The CLUB HALO is a membership-based community designed for the millennial mom.


Part of an Amazing Community

It’s an epic network of women who are always looking out for each other.

It’s a space that creates fun and finds joy in motherhood.

It’s a place where you can be YOU.

We are on this wild, wonderful journey together and we will lift each other up, and we will thrive!


"Alana and all the hard-working mama's in the MomsTO team are simply awesome. Their energy, drive and supportive nature is truly remarkable. What is at the core of MomsTO fully aligns with what us #MomjoMamas strive to achieve every day - that is to put MOM first by ensuring she is inspired, supported, entertained and fulfilled. We look forward to being a part of MomsTO's bright future!"


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